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The challenge in this project was to create a large villa with open free flowing spaces, connecting the inside with the outside mature landscape, yet incorporating traditional local cultural requirements in the internal layout.


The separation of public and private spaces, male and female areas, public and family entrances is of paramount importance to this family.


These seemingly opposite requirements require a dialectical thought process, balancing opposites to create a coexisting harmonious whole.


This villa reveals itself slowly in a series of interconnecting internal vistas. The centre and focal point of this residence is a courtyard with a glazed roof and first floor gallery circulating around it.


A grand staircase hall, with a double glazed north wall facing a lush garden, leads off from the courtyard on two floors, and further open spaces and rooms connect with the courtyard. Informal family meals are enjoyed here under the dappled shade of a large ficus tree.


We were also commissioned for the interior design of this project, including furnishings and procurement.

The existing landscaped garden strongly influenced the interior layout of this villa. We wanted to capture the views, the soft light and shadows throughout this large villa


Exquisite Dholpur stone and marble wall cladding with beautifully crafted timber doors and customised Bohemian glass chandeliers by Lasvit create a luxurious and timeless background to the carefully curated furnishings.

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